Company Marketing Video

Seacret Direct Promo of Seacret System

We worked with Seacret Direct to produce a marketing piece highlighting the Seacret Sales System to promote its products to a vast audience using network and relationship marketing strategies.

Creative Spoof Video

TMCA "Top Gun" Video Highlighting Award Winners

TMCA approached our team to come up with a video series to be played at their annual awards and recognition banquet having some fun with famous movies and scenes to highlight achievers in the audience.  These were played on screens during the banquet prior to parading the recipients on stage to receive their awards.

Trip Video

South Africa Incentive Trip Launch Video

When one of our long standing clients was planning an incentive trip for their customers, they looked to our team to create the launch video to be played at there annual conference.  The video was played during the live launch to resounding applause as customers signed up during the event to participate in the sales incentive.

Conference Promo Video

Seacret Direct Conference Promo Video

Our client reached out to us to create a piece that would be launched months before the conference to generate excitement in their marketing efforts to get people to attend.  We worked closely to capture past footage, sound bites and an internal message to generate commitment to attend there global conference in Las Vegas.  The turnout was the most ever as our video was a catalyst and part of an overall marketing campaign that resulted in a packed audience.

Conference Reporter

Man on the Street Conference Reporter

Our client reached out to us to us to capture the conference "from the street".  With a roaving reporter, videographer and editor behind the scenes, we created a daily recap of the conference talking to attendees on conference topics, feedback on presenters and seminars and most importantly, had a little fun.  Each day we posted the video online to send to many who did not make it to the conference and potential customers and partners to showcase "what they missed".   This video series was also used by the Marketing and Coms team to promote future conferences.

Conference Opener Video

Limitless Theme Conference Kickoff Video

After we worked closely with our client to create the theme for their upcoming conference kickoff video.  The video was played on an ultra wide screen to over 5000 attendees as the official opening of the conference to generate the theme that would last throughout the 3 day conference.

Product Launch Video

Seacret Direct Nutrition Launch Video

We were approached by our decade long client to produce a piece that would be played during their Global Conference launching the companies new Nutrition line.  3000 attendees got first glimpse of the new line prior from our video followed by onstage presentations from  company and industry professionals discussing further the product line, the benefits and the know-how to add to the sales team.

Destination Video

Conference Location Video Launch

One of our clients looks to us annually to create a destination video to highlight where the following years conference will be located.  Attendees are always eager to learn where the next conference is located and once again, we did not fail in highlighting San Diego as the conferences next locale.   The video was played at the closing general session where the CEO launched the video live on stage to resounding applause.

Sizzle Reel

Fashion Show Highlight Video

We were approached by our client who had an apparel line to produce a fashion show during their 3 day conference.  We took it upon ourself as a value add to the client to create a sizzle reel recap of the fashion show to promote future conferences and fashion shows and most importantly the apparel line.

Promo Video

Conference Promo Video

Once again Seacret Direct looked to us to produce a promo video for their next conference.  We worked closely with their Marketing and Communication team in tandem with their marketing plan to promote the annual conference.  The destination was Phoenix, Arizona and the project generated heavy interest in the future conference.

Trip Video

Jamaica Incentive Trip Launch Video

Gold Canyon approached our team to come up with a video to be played live to 1000 consultants in the audience.  It was followed on stage with incentive trip promotional packages and sales tools to earn the trip and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in Jamaica.

Trip Video

Puerto Vallarta Incentive Trip Launch Video

Gold Canyon looked to us once again to come up with a video to be played live during their annual conference to a full house of consultant attendees.  It was followed on stage with incentive trip promotional packages and sales tools to earn the all expense paid trip to Mexico.