3D Virtual Reality 360 Degree Render Solves the 6,842 Mile Dilemma.

Recently I was approached by a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel who was looking to hire a Producer to execute a high level one-night event during the Super Computing Conference in Denver, CO.  Seems nothing out of the ordinary…right?  Wrong! The company in question, Mellanox Technologies, was hosting 2000 potential customers during the Super Bowl of computing conferences.  Not only were the stakes high, I mean, how do you “wow” technology guys?  They’ve seen it all, right?  But I was given a 6-week turnaround to consult, come up with a design, put logistics into motion and prepare for a show with over 300 video rolls.  To top it all off, one of my favorite comedians, Jeff Dunham, was the highlight entertainment act.  Challenge accepted.

Now comes the hard part…with 6 weeks to go, and having never met the client, with conference and production calls having to be scheduled knowing there was a 9 hour time difference…I had to bring the client and I into the ballroom together. What do you mean Kamal…they’re in Israel?  Well, this is where our creative comes into play.  Our team came up a design around the client’s particulars. “We are a hardware technology company heavy into Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars,  Mainframe Infrastructure and Network Systems working with clients from BMW to NASA and we want a design no one has seen before.  Oh, did we mention we get the ballroom starting at midnight and our rehearsal needs to start at 10am the next morning due to our CEO’s schedule?”  (Insert thinking emoji here).

Our creative team came together and created a 3D Virtual Reality room of the design created so that our clients, exactly 6842 miles away, could actually “be” in the ballroom.  We gave them the opportunity to not only see the stage design but give them a birds eye point of view look so they could literally “walk the space” as if it was on show day. We were able to put the CEO on stage, 6,842 miles away, front and center in front of his audience.  This spurred creative and design conversations that culminated in the final design, a diamond shaped screen with over 100ft of video surface to project on and a video system playing 3 simultaneous videos on 3 separate screens on 1 cue.   The entire presentation was video based with motion on screen throughout.  A win for our team, but more importantly a win for our clients and the impact it will have on their bottom line.

Take a look at the diagrams, design options and most importantly the VR video (works best when viewed on your smartphone or tablet so you can virtually walk around the ballroom). Finally, the recap video of the event 48 hours after we finally met the client for the first time face to face.

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