Pronunciation: Come-All

Born: Flint, Michigan

Sign: Pisces

Graduated From: University of Michigan

Currently Resides In: Phoenix, AZ

Origin: Son of immigrant parents from Jordan. Here to live the American Dream.

Tribe: 7 Amazing Siblings & 21 wonderful nieces and nephews who call me the greatest uncle ever.

What people don't know: I actually used to be a DJ and currently create my own music mixes and walk up tracks for all my shows.



Never: Will I be seen without a watch on my wrist

Talent: Got moves like Jagger...but can't sing Happy Birthday in key.

Brew: Skinny 180 Doppio Macchiato Wet

Stage Walk-Up Song: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Hobby: Throwing bait to catch seafood

Fun Title: K2-D2...I secretly believe I have the force.

Movie: Shawshank Redemption. "Get busy living...or get busy dying."

Secret: Taped Jeopardy, stumped my family as I aced the answers, and my mother proudly declared I would be a doctor.



$2.65/hr: Started out

$300: First car...Owner of a classic 1982 Ford EXP

‘99: Established my career

38: Trips in 2019 exploring 22 new cities and 5 different languages. I have chosen to remove 2020 from the records no thanks to Covid.

4: Continents that have witnessed Producer Kamal

412: Coffee cups last year that had my name spelled wrong.

1: Skydived and certainly no more

2021: Too Legit To Quit (you should see my MC Hammer dance).

Who is Producer Kamal?

20 year meetings and events professional, award winning producer, a partner who listens to his customers, a solutions provider, a devoted humanitarian, a son of an immigrant, a geek with a personality, a closet break-dancer and an M&M lover (peanut of course!).  I have spent my career focused on "the message" clients want to deliver to their attendees.  I focus on how best I can use the production and technology to create emotion and build on all the senses to deliver superior work with impactful and memorable results.

More importantly, however, an industry leader at your fingertips who works with a passion that is immeasurable.  I have built my reputation and business on the saying "people buy people."  I have made this my battle cry ensuring each and every prospective customer will turn into a satisfied repeat client.

I promise I will work tirelessly for you.   But don't ask me why I do this...I will be happy to provide you a list of clients who will tell you themselves.

What can Producer Kamal do for you?

As it relates to the Meetings & Events Industry, I can execute any facet of your project with your success in mind.  To put it simply:

  • Production & Staging
  • Audio Visual & Technology
  • Scenic & Creative Design
  • Live Activations
  • Virtual Reality and 3D Mapping Technologies
  • Content Creation & Media Production
  • Renders, Drawings & Engineering Schematics
  • Corporate Theater, Entertainment & Talent Management
  • Detailed Show Flow & Cue to Cue
  • Facility & Vendor Management

What have you produced Kamal?

My clients have leaned on my team and I in producing a vast number of meetings and events.  Corporations, Associations & Political Events highlight a majority of our business.  Product Launches, Sales Kickoffs, Fundraising Gala & Award Shows just scratch the surface on our sweet spot of core services.

I have brought CEO's on stage from motorcycles to zip lines, projected on a 40-story building, worked with the past 3 Presidents, produced events on 4 different continents and once hosted an awards gala at the 11th hour because the emcee didn't arrive on time...and did I mention I do pro-bono work for various organizations and charities?

Take a look at our case studies and regardless of the size or scope, if you're a corporation, association, non-for-profit or an independent planner or DMC, I can promise you our team is ready and experienced...and rest assured we will take your project very seriously...with a dash of fun.

Why Producer Kamal?

The power of delegation and outsourcing is a strategic tool in project management and execution.  The monicker: "You can do anything but not everything" holds true to all professionals in any field.  Deciding what to do is just as important as deciding what not to do.

When it comes to managing conferences, meetings and events, there are simply too many moving parts and this is where leadership is key in managing and maintaining a healthy work flow and delivering a detailed and executable production schedule.  Having a decision making leadership team with your best interest in mind is project critical when a live event only gets "one take".

Let my team and I be an extension of your leadership, your organization and your team using our expertise and knowledge to flawlessly produce your next project and connect your message to your attendees creating meaningful results.

Next Steps...

I would welcome a conversation, or better yet, let me come to you and meet face to face.  Lets explore opportunities for success and ways I can help deliver your vision in real life, real time and make it impactful and measurable to you and your audience.  If anything...you've made a new friend!